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Eat well, see well

Live Well, See Well

Making subtle changes to lifestyle habits can help improve your eye health and minimise the risk of developing common eye conditions in older age such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.

22 September 2023

Digital Eye Care

Today’s National Eye Health Week theme is Digital Eye Care – the aim of the day is to encourage people to be aware of how they can prevent eye strain and screen fatigue when spending long hours at a time looking at a computer, laptop or tv.

20 September 2023

Delivering NHS Eye Care and Support

National Eye Health Week starts today, Monday 23 September. The theme for the first day of the 2023 campaign is NHS Eye Care and Support.

18 September 2023

National Eye Health Week launches today!

National Eye Health Week was first launched in the UK in 2009. It is a UK-based annual public awareness campaign dedicated to promoting eye health and the importance of regular eye examinations.

18 September 2023

InSight header

InSight Issue 3 Is Out Now

In this issue, we also look at how we can further highlight the steps needed to build a healthier, fairer world for all and how we can tackle health inequalities.

9 August 2023

SeeAbility quote

Volunteers Wanted to Help Change Lives

During August and September, we are actively helping to recruit volunteers to help out on a range of SeeAbility’s initiatives.

1 August 2023


Leading the Way in Glaucoma Services

Primary Eyecare has emerged as a  key facilitator of comprehensive glaucoma services through our network of optometry practices.

1 August 2023


Why NHS Funded Eye Tests for Adults With Learning Disabilities Are Long Overdue

Primary Eyecare welcomes the announcement about the introduction of NHS funded eye tests for children in Special Schools in 2024.

31 July 2023