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Read the latest news announcements from Primary Eyecare.

Race Equality Week 2024 logo

Primary Eyecare Services Makes Not Just One Big Promise – But Two

REM has discovered a recurrent observation among ethnically diverse employees – the perceived lack of meaningful change despite organisations proclaiming their commitment.

9 February 2024

Race Equality Week 2024 logo

Spotlight on Race Equality Week 2024

Primary Eyecare Services proudly announces its active participation in Race Equality Week 2024 which takes place from 5–11 February 2024.

5 February 2024

Photo of a woman refusing a glass of wine

Seeing the Difference: Primary Eyecare Services is Backing Dry January

As ‘Dry January’ continues, we look at the demonstrable correlation between levels of alcohol consumption and eye health.

18 January 2024

Gems Logo Graphic

Primary Eyecare Services CEO Recognised in 75@75 GEMS Leadership List

The Seacole Group launched a new 75@75 Leaders’ List at the end of last year to honour individuals who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to their patients, communities and broader diversity and inclusion agendas.

3 January 2024

Leading the way in eye care services

InSight Issue 4 Is Out Now

As we move into the winter months, we look at how the NHS is grappling with a set of complex priorities.

24 November 2023

Solihull practice visits

Collaborating In Practice – the Benefits of Building Strong Working Partnerships

Wasim Sawar, recently organised a series of visits to three very different local optometry practices.

20 November 2023

Opera and Primary Eyecare logos

Achieving Electronic Eye Care Referrals at Scale

NHS England’s Electronic Eyecare Referral (EeRS) programme has made varied levels of progress across the country.

20 November 2023


RNIB Announces Pilot Partnership With Primary Eyecare To Provide Extra Patient Support in the North-West

RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) announces pilot partnership with Primary Eyecare Services to provide extra patient support in the north-west.

17 November 2023