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COVID-19 Guidance

Delivery of locally commissioned optometry services continue. These services are to be delivered in line with the service specification and college of optometrists’ guidance.

College of Optometrists Guidance

Ensure that you are familiar with the College of Optometrists COVID 19 clinical guidance which is regularly reviewed and updated.


Ensure you check your practice Infection control measures against the QiO Infection Control Checklist. Practices must complete this at least annually.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Primary care practices should not be seeing patients with symptoms of COVID-19.

NHS supply of PPE for optical practices has been implemented nationally and can be accessed by the portal which can be found here.



The COVID vaccination only takes 5 minutes and is the most effective way to protect yourself from coronavirus.



First Contact Services (CUES or MECS)

We recommend that you should conduct a virtual consultation/telemedicine where appropriate.


Notification Protocol

Steps to take if optical practice is unable to deliver service due to staff absence or a period of closure.

At the earliest opportunity where a period of non-service delivery occurs the optical practice should notify Primary Eyecare Services at hello@referral.support or via the help bubble on the Opera platform.

Further information will be requested by Primary Eyecare.

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COVID-19 Vaccine